Table of Contents

Start here at the introduction. This explains what all this is about. 

An Introduction. 

What does ODBC stand for? 

History of ODBC
A very brief history of ODBC. 

Who is responsible for ODBC  
What organizations came up with the standard? 

Intro to ODBC models  
What are the ODBC model? 

Model 1 
The ODBC first Tier. 

Model 2 
The ODBC second Tier. 

Model 3 
The ODBC third Tier. 

Data Source Names 
What are DSN's? 

DSN: User vs. System 
What are the differences between User and System DSN's? 

ODBC Escape Sequences 
What are escape sequences? 

Escape Sequences 2 
The Outer Join. 

Escape Sequences 3 
The Scalar Function. 

Escape Sequences 4 
Stored Procedures. 

Escape Sequences 5 
Date and Time stamps. 

Why use Win32::ODBC? 
Reasons why one should consider using the extension. 

Alternatives to Win32::ODBC 
Other options for ODBC access via Perl. 

How to Install Win32::ODBC 
Instructions on installing the extension. 

Using Win32::ODBC in your Perl scripts.

Loading Win32::ODBC 
How to load the extention. 

How to use Win32::ODBC  
A basic flow diagram. 

Connecting to a Database 
Creating a connection object. 

Connecting to a Database 2  
Testing for success with your connection. 

Submitting a Query  
How to submit your SQL to the database. 

Processing the Results <>