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  1. Anonymous

    i have this perl code snippet which i want to invoke from visual slick edit..
    %data = ('x','y','z','a','b','c');
    open logfile,">test.txt";
    $deldata = delete $data{'x'};
    print logfile $deldata;
    close logfile;
    @args = ("C:/Program Files (x86)/SlickEdit 2009/win/vs.exe", "C:/Users/anits/Desktop/test.txt");
    system(@args) == 0 or die "system @args failed: $?";
    i am trying to invoke it with the following shell command in a .e file but it just doesnt work..can anybody help me out please..
    #include ""
    #import "slickc.e"
    _command void hello()

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