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  1. Anonymous

    Hello All,
    I'm very much new to PERL scripting. I'm the admin for an online tool which has some Perl scripts. And i have a problem executing one of the script. I'm just writing a problematic code in the script:

    my $ex = Win32::OLE->new('CamCad.application') or die "oops\n";
    my @args = (25,"$basedir\\SYM.TXT,$basedir\\RTE.TXT,$basedir\\BRD.TXT,$basedir\\PAD.TXT",'');

    Now when the first line is executed, a different version of CamCad application is getting called. My requirement is to call excatly "C:\MentorGraphics\SDD_HOME\CAMCADPRO.EXE /Professional", that is an EXE is called with a Switch (/Professional).

    Is there any way I can replace the code in line1 so that the next lines works fine.
    How is new('Camcad.application') know which EXE/application it has to execute. If i know this may be i can directly point here to call "C:\MentorGraphics\SDD_HOME\CAMCADPRO.EXE /Professional".

    Thanks in Advance.

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