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WIN32 file move problems...

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  1. Anonymous

    I cannot make Perl's "rename" nor "dirmove" work on WIN32. My move is within a partition on a single physical disk and the files are not in use. Rename fails entirely and dirmove copies the files but fails to remove the originals (except from a couple of small files which are moved correctly). The error I get from both is "Permission denied". I've tried to run my script ad administrator with the exact same results. I must admit I'm very very tired of windows. Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on?

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. Anonymous

    Maybe this can be due to any kind of virus or threat over your computer which stops you in that. i don't think that this can be happen due to any other thing cause i never faced that.

    good luck!!

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    Posted 7 years ago #

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