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Win32-Daemin updated ppd for perl 5.10 ?

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  1. freebsdboy

    We use win32-daemon on our systems, any chance their is a version that will install with the perl 5.10 release of activestate?

    I get
    The PPD does not provide code to install for this platform


    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Anonymous


    I have just obtained a copy of the W32::Daemon package for Activepearl 5.10 and tried to install manually...

    Not such a success... Perl Package manager just doesnt pick up the package.

    So... I tried to run an install using the PPD using 'ppm install "path to ppd".... again not a success error was 'downloading '' object not found.

    So i edited the ppd as it was pointing to the roth site and directed it towards my local download of the zipped package. error now is 'ppm install failed: Can't locate object method "host" via package "URI::_foreign"

    Any assistance would be greatly accepted, in resolving this issue.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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