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Daemon wont install

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  1. Anonymous

    i cant get daemon to install, i have the newest version of active perl, and i even tried the perl script on the website, nethier did the web script work, and manul, can someone please help me with this.

    Thank you.

    by the way, im trying to install it on windows xp.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Anonymous

    I found the problem to be with the module and ActiveState perl v 5.10. When I retrograded to v5.8 everything worked fine.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. Anonymous

    Sorta new to using tools like this and i can't install it. when i try to it just refreshed the page, nothing changes as far as i can see. not really sure where i am going wrong. I am running Vista, so i don't know if thats going to be a problem or not

    Posted 8 years ago #

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