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Win32::API and Win32::API::Prototype versions for x64 Windows?

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  • Started 10 years ago by sbauer

  1. sbauer

    We're moving to the 64 bit world, and some things can't be done using 32 bit perl on Windows.  For example, 64-bit related sections of the registry are just not visible to 32-bit apps running in WOW, as well as 64bit applications in the Sys32 directory.

    We make use of both Win32::API and Win32::API::Prototype and they are quite useful for interfacing our Perl apps to native Windows DLL's.  However, versions for 64-bit Perl don't seem to be available.  Are they available, or in the works?

    I've done some work in trying to compile these packages under x64 VS2008.   In Win32::API, inline assembly is used to push parmeters on the stack.  The x64 compiler doesn't support inline assembly to force the use of intrinsic functions.  Even then, from the initial research I've done, the stack protocol is different in x64 windows.


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