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Roth modules in XP Perl install

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  1. Rdata


    I've used some of the Roth extensions to great effect before and I'm interested in going that route again for a new employer.

    Unfortunately I'm getting beat up trying to install the modules into Active State 5.6x release on XP Pro as admin. I've had luck getting ppm to install the Active State modules, but no joy unpacking the Roth Win32 modules locally and getting ppm to recognize.

    I've spent a little quality research time on perlmonks. Their module hints said to either unpack into the \perl\site\lib area or to find the and run that. No in the archive so I pursued copying the archive (while preserving directory structure) into the correct location as my next choice. I got a familiar error of "ppd file not found."

    Can somebody offer tips on the correct location to extract the archive structure (for example, Win32-Daemon) so PPM will find it?

    I'd like to try ActiveState 5.6, but will load a 5.005 if there is no other route. This week ActiveState has no free download of 5.005. Possibly ActiveState has retired or made 5.005 a $ only install? If true, what are other favored sources of Perl 5.005 interpreters?

    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. Rdata

    I got it. Line I used in the current directory was:

    ppm install --location=. <module_name>

    Great! I can see the modules with the query command.
    Thanks _very much_ for making the Win32 stuff available.

    Posted 12 years ago #

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