Картинииконитрапезни масиRecently I have been using ASP.NET on our servers to manage internal processes. As part of this effort I needed to chart out certain process values. To accomodate this
I decided to use Microsoft’s charting controls.

These controls are pretty nice. They offer nearly the same charting options as you would expect from Excel; it is pretty rich in functionality. After a quick
wiring in the control in a web page and installing the control on our server it was up and running. Very fast; very cool.

However, our Macintosh computers could not display the chart in the Safari browser. They would render the page correctly but would display the graphic chart.
Annoyed by this I researched and found that others were having similar problems.

To avoid boring you with the long and drawn out story this is what worked for our setup:

The fixes were in the web.config file:
1) We decided to use session based image processing:
    <add key="ChartImageHandler" value="storage=session;timeout=20;" />
    ...other stuff...

2) We use postbacks for a variety of reasons on our web pages. Apparently the default installation of the charting controls do not bind ot the POST
verb. This needs to be changed: