October 2006

Thanks to the "Seattle Drivers Suck" blog (link) I am finally seeing those of us Seattle drivers (both Perl and non Perl drivers) vent and rant about what they loathe about the average Seattle driver. This is good reading for anyone considering visiting this town, and manditory for everyone moving here.

A buddy of mine runs the Windows Incident Response blog over at http://windowsir.blogspot.com/. He is always digging up something interesting and pertinent to all your Win32 system administrators; regardless of whether you use Perl or not.

And if this stuff interests (or scares the Hell out of) you then you should have a look at his books, Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery (http://www.windows-ir.com/); it received a great review on Slashdot (http://books.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/11/09/202220).